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  1. Policy for Infection Control & Hygiene: Download
  2. Policy for Hepatitis B Virus Screening; Download
  3. Policy for Access to Academic & Medical Record: Download
  4. Assessment Policy for Undergraduate Students; Download
  5. Policy for Needle Stick Injury KMC-KTH : Download
  6. Assessment policy for undergraduate medical students in Khyber Medical College:   Download
  7. Leave Policy (Regulation) MTI/KMC/KTH (Updated May 2022):  Download
  8. Plagiarism policy of MTI, KMC/KTH: Download
  9. Disciplinary rules and regulations for students at College. Click Here to download
  10. Hostel rules and regulations. Download
  11. Program evaluation policy of Khyber Medical College Peshawar.   Download
  12.  TORs & Research cell policy                    Download
  13. Policy for Medical Reimbursement.               Download
  14. Air-conditioner policy for the utilization of AC in designated places of student’s hostels.  Click here to view
  15. Editorial policy of our  Journal of Medical Sciences       Download