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Message from the Chairman: 

As an alumnus of Khyber Medical College, my journey here began in 1990 as medical student that progressed through house job and residency and then as a consultant in the same unit, I finally rose to the position of chairman of pediatric surgery 5 months ago. In following the footsteps of my predecessors, I have pledged all my energies to lead my team with full dedication into serving the little innocent souls that are at our disposal. 

Professor Dr Muhammad Imran

Professor Dr Muhammad Imran



Pediatric Surgery is a tertiary level field with very limited number of centers across the globe. Our patient-centered surgical practice involves not only general abdominal, thoracic and urologic procedures in all patients under 15 years of age but also the management of very rare complicated congenital anomalies that need long term follow-up. As one of the only few functional Pediatric Surgical units, the unit receives patients from whole of the province and our team try their best to dispense state of the art surgical care in accordance with evidence-based practice.  


  • Minimally invasive laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures
  • Advance reconstructive procedures for vesical and cloacal extrophy , genitoplasties for cases of disordered sexual development
  • Conducting high clinical research studies to contribute to international pediatric surgery literature 
  • Creating a conducive academic environment for undergraduate and postgraduate training in field of neonatal and pediatric surgery

Our Sevices:

  • Out-patient Services (OPD) two days a week
  • In patient Department with a 30 beds Unit including 9 cots for surgical neonates
  • Elective Surgeries two days a week
  • Institution based practice by consultants
  • 24/7 Emergency services including emergency surgeries
  • Shared Neonatal and Pediatric ICU with Department of Pediatrics.


Dr. Muhammad Imran  Chairman and Assistant Professor  MBBS,FCPS Paeds Surgery 
Dr. Tariq Waheed  Associate Professor 

MBBS,FCPS Paeds Surgery 


Dr Muhammad Uzair  Assistant Professor 

MBBS,FCPS Paeds Surgery 


Dr. Sajjad Ali  Senior Registrar 

MBBS,MRCS,FCPS Paeds Surgery 


Dr. Arbab Farooq  Trainee Registrar 

MBBS,FCPS Paeds Surgery 



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