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Department of Gynaecology

Gynae department was initially started in 1975 for teaching and training of undergraduate students of Khyber Medical College. With time it has evolved into training and teaching institute for post graduate students of College Of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan. At the moment we have three administrative units led by visionary Professors. Each unit has dedicated faculty, trainees and staff who are striving towards excellence.

Our main focus is to provide compassionate, evidence based care at every stage of woman life. To provide primary preventive care as well as advanced obstetric and gynecological interventions.

Recently we have assigned sub specialties to each unit so that patient care keeps pace with international standard. These include

Gynecologic oncology

Pelvic floor disorders

Gynecologic specialties

Maternal fetal medicine

General obstetrics and Gynaecology.

We are also responsible for teaching and training of medical students throughout the five years of our undergraduate curriculum and ensure that they not only high-quality education and training, but also learn ethics, empathy, teamwork, professionalism and integrity. We teach while we work to create a new generation of health care providers trained in woman-centered care. Our practice reflects our values of excellence, compassion, community and social justice.

Our post graduate training provides broad range of experience in comprehensive women health and in depth focused concentration in the sub-specialties

In addition to teaching and patient care, department is working hard to improve the research standards.

Department has three Professors, two Associate Professors and eight Assistant Professors.

Department has over all admissions of nearly 60 thousand per year with most of the patient being admitted through emergency. Department deals with the patients ranging from simple normal delivery to most complicated handled cases referred from periphery.  It is a time of great change and challenge in our specialty as general Obstetrics and Gynaecology is evolving into subspecialties, open surgeries are evolving into minimally invasive surgeries. In health care the paradigm is shifting towards more patient friendly approach and Medical education is changing from teacher centered to student centered. We need to modify and upgrade our patient care, teaching and surgical skills radically to meet the demands of the new millennium




Dr. Jamila Javed Shah



Dear All….I write to you in the Covid times wishing that Almighty Allah keeps all of you protected and blessed.KMC is my Alma Mater and I owe alot to this great Institution. If the institution has trusted me with a certain duty I hope I am able to put in honest effort to bring about improvement wherever possible.For my dearest Students I pray that this Pandemic goes away and we get to see your youthful faces again and teach you what we have learned.Best wishes for all

  • Promote the highest standard of obstetric gynecologic & neonatal health through personalized clinical care based on the recent guidelines at par with international standard and compatible with unique cultural norms of the area.
  • Develop future leaders/ consultants in obstetric, gynecological, neonatal health & enhance life-long learning for all health professionals in our community through innovative education and training.
  • Conduct research that provides evidence to expand the boundaries of our knowledge through best practices & improve quality of maternal & fetal health.
  • Prompt critical thinking and problem solving by academic discussion.

Inculcate professionalism and ethics in students

Department’s vision

  • We strive to be the leaders & advocates of best possible practices in obstetrics, gynecologic & neonatal health.

Contact Us

Dr. Jamila Javed Shah

Professor & Chairperson | MBBS,FCPS,MCPS , [email protected]

Dr. Shahnaz Nadir

Professor | MBBS,FCPS,DGO, [email protected]

Dr. Talat Naz

Professor | MBBS,FCPS, , [email protected]

Dr. Zubaida Akhtar

Associate Professor | MBBS,FCPS

Dr. Maimoona Qadir Khan

Assistant Professor | MBBS,FCPS,, [email protected]

Dr. Tayaba Mazhar

Associate Professor | MBBS,FCPS, , [email protected]

Dr. Sadia Nasir

Assistant Professor | MBBS,FCPS, , [email protected]

Dr. Arzoo Bangash

Assistant Professor| MBBS,FCPS,, [email protected]

Dr. Mahjabeen

Assistant Professor | MBBS,FCPS, , [email protected]

Dr. Naila Bukhari

Assistant Professor | MBBS,FCPS,, [email protected]

Dr. Naheed Akhtar

Assistant Professor | MBBS,FCPS,, [email protected]

Dr. Ambreen Samad

Assistant Professor | MBBS,FCPS, [email protected]

Dr. Fauzia Afridi

Assistant Professor | MBBS,FCPS, , [email protected]

Dr. Asma Ambreen

Assistant Professor | MBBS,MRCOG, [email protected]