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Department of Procurement

Khyber Medical College Peshawar
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Department of Procurement

Assistant Manager Procurement leads the Directorate of Procurement in Khyber Medical College Procurement Department is a complete solution to control the routine supply chain activities. In accordance with regulations, rules and procurement principles and the guidelines of KPPRA. As per the KPPRA principles utilization of public funds with fairness, transparency, integrity, economy and effectiveness for all procurement activities along with timely availability of resources to fulfill the daily requirements.
Supply chain is vis-à-vis the planning and execution to meet the inventory requirements of KMC. These requirements include controlling and regulating the flow of material while simultaneously assessing variables like demand, price, availability, quality, and delivery schedules. Assistant Manager Procurement determine the amount of material required and held in stock, plan for the replenishment of these stocks, create inventory levels for each type of item, and communicate information and requirements to procurement operations and the extended supply chain. Supply chain also involves assessing material quality to make sure it meets KMC demands in line with required specifications and at the minimum cost

Muharam Khan

Muharam Khan

Assistant Manager Procurement

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Our mission is to provide smooth and uninterpreted supply of materials and allied items to KMC ultimately meet the mission of Khyber Medical College to provide outstanding educational and allied services for the community of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa with full utilization of available resources in the highest standards

The Procurement Department of Khyber Medical College have promise to achieve professional excellence by growing the creative art of Procurement Team. That will produce superior outcomes with in national and international Supply Chain prevailing practices. And will have a professional practice environment that attracts and retains qualified staff.


Procurement Department at KMC has Centralized purchasing in light of rules, regulation define by KPPRA, and control on volume of purchases that lead to better prices and terms as well as the ability to work with larger suppliers. 


All the routine items and capital items, supplied to Khyber Medical College Peshawar land to this central point, team of experts have to examine, count and get expert opinion for acceptance or rejections, before shifting materials to main warehouse/Store.


Once materials are examined by technical experts in CRP section and according to the specs then handed over to main warehouse/store team. Where they store, stock in proper ways to insure the good warehouse practices. Store team have central control enables more efficient inventory control, lower staffing costs and a decrease in overheads.

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Department of Procuerment

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