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The department of Anatomy was established in 1954. At start, only 50 MBBS students were enrolled to Khyber Medical College (KMC)..Currently, more than 250 MBBS students are getting admitted to KMC. Teaching facilities are available to undergraduate and postgraduate students of MBBS and BDS. Two professors, Eight assistant professors and 14 lecturer are working as faculty members

  • The facilities provided are following:
    1. Demonstration rooms
    2. Dissection halls
    3. Museum
    4. Dissection videos room
    5. Plastination lab
    6. Research lab
    7. Histology labs
    8. Conference room for academic activities
    9. Lecture halls

Dr. Hamid Ali Khan

Chairman Department of Anatomy

“Asalamoalaikum, welcome to the official website of Khyber Medical College. The Department of Anatomy was established with the start of college since 1954. Currently, the Department is offering services to undergraduate (MBBS, BDS) and post graduate students such as M.Phil and Diploma of Clinical Dentistry. The curriculum of Anatomy covers General Anatomy, Gross Anatomy, Embryology, Neuroanatomy and Histology.

As according to our vision and mission, we will train and educate students to lead in all field of medical sciences.

To the students, I am always there to help you and would like to wish success in their ahead life.”

Department of Anatomy is committed to integrated teaching and Research in basic and applied Human Anatomy geared towards health care needs of humanity
In accord with the mission of the Khyber Medical College, the Department of Anatomy will provide high quality teaching of anatomical sciences to medical and dental students. The Department will conduct basic research and will foster an intellectual environment that encourages a sense of inquiry.  The Department will carry out its service responsibilities to its college.  To help achieve these goals, the Department will maintain a working environment conducive to the professional and personal well-being of every member of the Department, and it will promote academic relationships with other colleges and departments that will help achieve the goals of teaching and research excellence at Khyber Medical College.



The Faculty will maintain expertise and provide instruction of Human Anatomy in the integrated modular system for first and second year MBBS and also to MPhil students.  The faculty will provide didactic teaching, lab apprenticeship, development and review of resource materials, curricular evaluation, small-group tutoring and other duties ancillary to curricular needs.  The human anatomy curriculum will include basic and clinical anatomy as well as introductions to diagnostic imaging. Faculty will provide impetus, instruction, challenge, and guidance regarding knowledge of the human body and its tissues both conceptually and through cadaveric and microscopic study.  Anatomy in the medical school curriculum offers a broad base of sub-disciplines comprised of practical and clinical gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, embryology, histology and General Anatomy across Curricular Module that span the first and second year of Medical College:  (1) Foundation Module (2) Blood and Immunology Module (3) Musculoskeletal Module (4) Respiratory Module (5) Cardiovascular Module (6) Neuroscience 1 Module (7) Neuroscience II Module (8) Endocrinology and

Metabolism Module (9) Nutrition and Digestion Module (10) Urogenital Module



The faculty support national and international efforts to increase medical and basic science knowledge that ultimately may contribute to the health and wellbeing of humankind.  The faculty accept the notion of ambassadorship and representation of the Khyber Medical College when we travel, consult, present research or otherwise professionally engage outside of the College setting.



With fairness and impartiality, we will contribute to the work of various committees, groups and boards within Khyber Medical college.  We also extend this commitment of service to select groups, societies, boards or communities outside of the College that are essential to the professional character of our membership.

Dr. Hamid Ali Khan

Professor | MBBS, M.Phil, [email protected]

Dr. Zainab Rahman

Assistant Professor |M.Phil / MBBS, [email protected]

Dr. Abdul Hafeez

Assistant Professor | M.Phil / MBBS, [email protected]

Dr. Muhammad Junaid

Assistant Professor | M.Phil / MBBS, [email protected]

Dr. ShaziaIftikhar

Assistant Professor | M.Phil / MBBS, [email protected]

Dr. Bareera Khan

Assistant Professor |M.Phil / MBBS, [email protected]

Dr. Munila Shabnum

Assistant Professor | M.Phil / MBBS, [email protected]

Dr. ShabnamAamir

Assistant Professor |M.Phil / MBBS, [email protected]

Dr. Sadaf Ambreen

Assistant Professor | M.Phil / MBBS, [email protected]

Dr. Zia-ud-Din Demonstrator M.Phil / MBBS [email protected]
Dr. Muhammad Haroon Demonstrator FCPS-I / MBBS [email protected]
Dr. Tariq Masood Demonstrator FCPS-I / MBBS [email protected]
Dr. Muhammad Ikram Demonstrator MBBS [email protected]
Dr. Asif Kamal Demonstrator MBBS. M.Phl Scholar [email protected]
Dr. Shehla Khatoon Demonstrator MBBS.M.Phl Scholar [email protected]
Dr. Tahira Mehreen Demonstrator MBBS. M.Phl Scholar [email protected]
Dr. Sidra Iqbal Demonstrator MBBS [email protected]
Dr. FalakNaz Demonstrator MBBS.DGO.M.Phl [email protected]
Dr. Waqar Ahmad Demonstrator MBBS [email protected]
Dr. Shagufta Sultana Demonstrator MBBS. M.Phl Scholar [email protected]
Dr. Muhammad Haris Demonstrator MBBS. M.Phl Scholar [email protected]
Dr. MahwishJaved Demonstrator MBBS [email protected]
Dr. Shehzad Khalil Demonstrator BDS [email protected]

The following activities are conducted in Department of Anatomy:

Undergraduate students:

  • Small group discussion in Demonstration rooms
  • Dissection in Dissection halls
  • Models discussion in Museum
  • Showing of Dissection videos
  • Activities within Plastination lab
  • Research activities within Research lab
  • Tissue identification and teaching in Histology labs
  • Mcqs, SEQs, OSPE conduction, paper discussion and other daily academic activities in Conference room
  • Presentation and teaching within Lecture halls

Postgraduate students:

  • Teaching to M.Phil students
  • Teaching to students of Diploma of Clinical Dentistry (DCD)

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