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The Community Medicine department was set up right from the beginning of the Khyber Medical College. In the beginning it was called Hygiene Department and was headed by the then Principal of Khyber Medical College. It got it’s regular head of the department in 1974. The name of the department was then changed to Community Medicine & now it is internationally known as Public Health. The change from Hygiene to Community Medicine & Public Health is not just a change of name but a total change in the content and outlook of the subject. Now the subject has been developed immensely worldwide and the same change is reflected in the subject matter of undergraduate and post graduate medical students.

Presently the department of Community Medicine, Khyber Medical College, is well equipped and is run by highly experienced faculty who have multi-dimensional facets of skills, which is a matter of satisfaction for any medical institution. It provides excellent training and facilities to both the undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, which makes them competent enough to compete on every forum. The College has been recognized by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) for postgraduate training of FCPS-II and MCPS, Community Medicine Trainees since August 1996. It is also training M.Phil scholars in Community Medicine besides catering to undergraduate MBBS students.

Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC), the father of Epidemiology in his famous Book “Airs, Waters and Places” gave timeless advice on how to do good environmental epidemiology. He said

“who so ever wants to study medicine must learn the following subjects. He should study the effect of seasons and the differences between them, warm and cold wind, both of which are common to every country and that particular to that country and the effect of water on health. Therefore, when a physician comes to a new area, he should study both its situation and its water supply, climate, winds and nature of soil and lastly the inhabitants. Weather they are heavy drinkers and eaters and lazy or eat wisely, drink sparsely and fond of work and exercise”.



The decline in communicable diseases and increase in life expectancy in the 20th century has been made possible not only through medical and surgical interventions but through improved public health practices. Research has shown that many health problems today are due to maladaptive behaviors and change in health attitude can be brought more effectively by taking evolutionary motivation into consideration instead of passive transfer of health education.

Decades old concept of health care approach has experienced a paradigm shift reflecting a change in scope of medicine from individuals to communities. As a result the growing field of  health care has broadened the focus of public health from individual behaviors and risk factors to population level issues such as inequality, poverty and education. Therefore we need physicians who shall use public health research as a tool to improve health in an equitable manner by addressing social determinants of health and advocating for population based policies and. Today health is not merely an absence of disease but instead it is related to quality of life and means of enhanced productivity casting a direct impact on socio-economic development of the nation.


The mission is to shift the focus of health care from treatment to primordial and primary prevention. This can be achieved by training our upcoming health professionals to focus on adopting disease prevention & health promotional strategies, control of environmental and host factors, better health delivery systems, better planning and management techniques, improved nutrition, improved personal and impersonal care, better management of  injuries and other physical and mental health conditions. This will result in improved health indices like health adjusted life years, disability adjusted life years and quality adjusted life years which will indirectly ensure social stability, prosperity and law and order.


  • Provide excellence in education for students pursuing medical career as a profession
  • To expose them to community based learning through visiting various health care providing facilities.
  • To inculcate in medical students evidence based learning by conducting research in the community on issues of public health importance.
  • To help develop excellent practical medical skills and mastery of essential competencies in medical graduates so as to provide the highest quality of medical care to the community from primary to tertiary levels
  • To help prepare the medical students for continued intellecutal growth and development along with the ability to specialize in their fields of interest.
  • To help develop ethical and professional behaviour in medical professionals according to the code of conduct
  • To ensure access to health and educational services for the medical graduates at national and international market.
Dr. Bushra Iftekhar

Professor & Chairperson | MBBS, FCPS, PhD,, [email protected]

Dr. Rubina Gul

Associate Professor | MBBS, DCH, MComH, DHPE, [email protected]

Dr. Adeela Mustafa

Associate Professor | MBBS, FCPS | M.Phl, CHR, CHPE, [email protected]

Dr. Romana Inam

Associate Professor | MBBS, MSCIH, DHPE, MPH , [email protected]

Dr. Mohammad Imran Marwat

Assistant Professor | MBBS, MPH, DDPM, CHPE, Ph.D Public Health, [email protected]

Dr. Jehan Hussan

Assistant Professor | MBBS, MPH, CHPE, CHR, FCPS

Dr. Hayat Muhammad Khan

Assistant Professor | MBBS, MPH, FCPS, CHPE, [email protected]

Dr. Imran Ullah

Assistant Professor | MBBS, FCPS, CHPE, [email protected]

Dr. Saeed Ahmad

Demonstrator | MBBS, MPH, [email protected]

Dr. Kashif Ur Rehman Khalil

Assistant Professor | MBBS, MPH, FCPS, [email protected]

Dr. Sadaf Bilal

Demonstrator | MBBS | M.Phl, CHR, CHPE, [email protected]



                                                                 PROF. BUSHRA IFTIKHAR

                                                                        FCPS 11 TRAINEES

No. Name Father name RTMC reg, No PMDC No. Status
1. Dr. Zainab Nazneen COM-007-020-160 Completed
2. Dr. Mohammad Ishtiaq Mohammad Farooq COM-2009-020-177 Completed
3. Dr. Noreen Bukhari Maqbool Ahmad Bukhari COM-97-183-178 Completed
4. Dr. Imranullah Ihsanullah COM-2011-020-202 Completed
5. Dr. Adeela Mustafa Ghulam Mustafa COM-2011-020-218 Completed
6. Dr. Ambreen Afridi Muzafar Ali Afridi COM-2012-020-226 Completed
7. Dr. Ayesha Wisal Wisal M. Khan COM-2011-020-219 In progress
8. Dr. Hayat Mohammad Gul Zareen COM-2014-020-270 In progress
9. Dr. Naeem Khattak Mir Shahjehan COM-2014-020-257 In progress
10. Dr. Kashif Khalil Ghani Ur Rehman Khalil COM-2015-020-272 In progress
11. Dr. Yousaf Ali Liaqat Ali Khan COM-2015-020-274 In progress
12. Dr. Jehan Hussan Dr. Jehan Dad Khan COM-2017-020-294 16039-N In progress
13. Dr. Sidra Irfan Irfanullah COM-2017-020-299 22019-n In progress
14. Dr. Imran Khan Ameerullah Khan COM-2017-020-300 21350-N In progress
15. Dr. Ihsanullah Khan Ajab Khan 17257-N In progress



Reseacrh Fair 2020

Rsearch fair was conducted by community medicine department on 5th nov 2020. A total of 23 batches participated in the event. Day started with Judgement of research posters,Positions awarded to students.After arrival of Dean,Ceremony started with recitation of holy verses.Video was displayed regarding activity,Followed by research presentation by students.

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Awareness campaign for the use of Eco-Friendly Products was organized by Community Medicine Department, Khyber Medical College Peshawar in collaboration with Green leaf organization. The harmful effects of the use of plastic on health and especially shopping bags were discussed in detail. It was addressed by Nazim Peshawar Muhammad Asim Khan, Members of KPK Assembly including Dr. Aasya Asad, Dean Khyber Medical College Prof. Dr. Noor ul Iman, Chairperson Community Medicine Department Prof. Dr. Bushra Iftikhar.  They discussed in detail the injurious effect of the use of plastic based items especially shopping bags on health and it’s replacement strategies. The Nazim district Peshawar and members Provincial Assembly also elaborated on the steps which the KPK Government plans to curb the menance.

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Workshop was conducted on 17th April 2019, in Community Medicine Department KMC by Assistant Commissioners Peshawar Mr. Nadir Khan and Dr. Saman. They emphasized the Provincial government commitment to decrease the transmission of polio by introducing an extended polio immunization program in District Peshawar in Children up to 10 years of age.
Workshop was conducted on
“Use of End Note for Referencing” by Professor Dr. Ihsan Ullah  from Khyber Medical University, on 16th April 2019, arranged by Community Medicine Department KMC in collaboration with Health Department KPK.


International Day of Persons with Disabilities was celebrated on 3rd December 2018 by the department of Community Medicine in collaboration with PIPOS Peshawar and Social Welfare Society KMC.

World AIDS day was celebrated on 1st December 2018 by the department of Community Medicine in collaboration with UNICEF Peshawar, Provincial AIDS control Program and Social Welfare Society KMC.

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