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Anesthesia department was established in 1974. Since its inception, it is playing an active role in patient care in the dynamic and challenging field of anesthesia. The department has been providing anesthesia coverage in emergency and elective theatres which has been expanded with the passage of time. With a team of 07 Consultants,05 Anesthetists, 30 Assistant Anesthetists and 25 Post graduates trainees we are Currently running 32 operation tables in elective theatres and 10 emergency operation tables are covered 24/7.The clinical workload is large and versatile. It provides comprehensive range of medical services to patients of all ages including those with the highest risk. More than 25,000 procedures in 40 operating tables are performed every year.The unit has a 07 bedded state of the art surgical ICUs which are to be expanded to 15 bedded surgical ICUs soon.

           The unit have recently started a standard pain centre for acute and chronic pain patients. Our mission is to achieve excellence and ensure the quality of patient care by maintaining the standards in anesthesia, critical care and medicine.

            We are committed to lead in standards of anesthesia practice, education and research by an organized and structured training program for undergraduates and postgraduate students in affiliation with CPSP & KMU.

Chairman Message:   

   ” I joined the department of Anesthesia KMC/KTH in June 2000 as Senior Registrar which was the start of any teaching career and since then I am practicing anesthesia and critical care, till date as a Chairman of Anesthesia.

      In the early days, I had a lot of difficulties regarding safe anesthesia cover in terms of staff and equipment. Gradually with the passage of time we progressed by overcoming these limitations by providing conducive working environment to the patients, staff & trainees and offered them all kind of support. At present, I am proud that I have a full faculty and other supporting staff for the provision of safe anesthesia and managing critical patients in the Surgical ICU.

      Regarding academics, we have a weekly CPC in our department in which all the consultants and trainees participate. Also under the umbrella of PSA-KP, we arranged a workshop on Critical Care recently in October 2018 and actively participated in the 1st International Critical Care and 2nd Anesthesia Conference in November 2018 at PC Peshawar.

     I hope that with the passage of time our department will become exemplary for the rest of the institutions in terms of faculty, trainees and patient care.

     May Almighty Allah continue to guide us in delivering services to mankind at our best”

Dr. Mohammad ilyas

Chairman Anesth. Dept


  1. 1. Designated Pre-operative Clinic for assessing preoperative patients.
  2. 2. Pain Clinic (OPD) for Chronic pain patients as a multidisciplinary team work.
  3. Modular OTs with state of the art equipment according to International Standards with Separate Induction Rooms and Procedure Rooms
  4. Fully equipped PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit)
  5. Anesthesia cover for specialized fields like Neurosurgery, Urology, Cardiovascular & Cardiothoracic cases.
  6. Proper infrastructure of Anesthesia Department :

           Offices for Anesthesia Staff (Medics & Paramedics)

           Demonstration/Conference Room for Academic purposes.

           Departmental Library with latest edition books and journals

  1. New fully equipped SICU near to Modular OT in the old building and also in the new A&E Block.
  2. 24 hours Maternity Services (Pain less deliveries, obs. emergency)
  3. IBP promotion with additional staff and equipment in a designated OT set up.


  • Lectures and skills lab demonstration for under graduates students.
  • Workshops & training curriculum for FCPS, IMM, MCPS, DA.
  • Ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks workshops
  • Airway management workshops
  • Weekly academic lectures of PGRs and HOs
  • Online webinars and lectures for undergraduate & postgraduate students

Contact Us

Dr. Mohammad Ilyas

Associate Professor & Chairperson | MBBS, DA, FCPS, [email protected]

Dr. Neelum Haleemi

Assistant Professor | MBBS, DA, FCPS, [email protected]

Dr. Fazal-e-Wadood

Assistant Professor | MBBS, MCPS, FCPS I, [email protected]

Dr. Robina Bangesh

Experiential Registrar | MBBS, DA, FCPS

Dr. Umbrin Naz

Assistant Professor | MBBS, MCPS, FCPS, [email protected]

Dr. Muhammad Javed

Assistant Professor | MBBS, DA, FCPS, [email protected]

Dr. Imran Ul Haq

Assistant Professor | MBBS, MCPS, FCPS

Activities Conducted in the department:

  • 4th year clinical batches in Anesthesia ward.
  • Anesthesia related one TOACS Station for final year MBBS is conducted regularly.
  • Diploma in Anesthesia (DA) Trainees
  • Training of FCPS II & MCPS Trainees
  • CPC on every Wednesday attended regularly by TMOs & consultants
  • Members of PSA KP
  • Conducted a workshop on Mechanical Ventilation in October 2018
  • Participation and active role in 1st International Critical Care & 2nd Anesthesia Conference on 23 & 24th December 2018 in PC Peshawar.



Daily Work Load



  1. G. Surgery (5 Units)       04 Tables for each unit twice a week

  Gynae/Obs (4 units)      04 Tables for each unit twice a week for Gynae A & B +

                                                                    06 Tables per week for Gynae C & D.

        Orthopedic (3 units)      04 Tables for each unit twice a week for Ortho A & B Units +

                                                                    02 Tables twice a week for Ortho C Unit 


        Peads Surgical                      04 Tables twice a week

  Laparoscopy                       03 Tables throughout the week

        Plastic Surgery                            06 Tables in a week

        Urology                                        02 Tables twice a week

        Neurosurgery                             02 Tables a week

EYE O.T                      04 Tables for each unit twice a week

ENT O.T                     04 Tables for each unit twice a week


MAIN  O.T  Morning  03 Tables

  Evening  05 Tables

  Night  03 Tables

EYE / ENT O.T                                            01 Table each shift

DAILY WORK LOAD     40 Tables