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Department of Paediatrics

Chairperson Message:

As both a pediatrician and a devoted parent, I believe in delivering the healthcare that I expect for my own family. Despite limited resources we provide each child with individual attention, care and gentleness. My team endeavors to improve the lives of our patients and their families and to provide clinical expertise to parents as well as other health professionals.

On academic front, our curriculum provides student centered, integrated, system based learning. We make sure that both our undergraduate as well as postgraduate students practice their knowledge through compassion while adhering to high morals and principles.


Our mission is to provide compassionate care for the health and well being of infants, children and youth in a family centered environment. As healthcare professionals we are committed to excellence and strive to bring an efficient and cost-effective practice to the children and the families of our community. Our physicians and nurses along with the ancillary staff, work as a team to improve the lives of our patients and their families. Our department is committed to work as an efficient organization allowing the education of our staff, their professional and personal growth and helping in research and evidence based approach towards our patients.

Faculty List
  • List of Faculty Members:
Children A Ward
Name Designation
Dr. Jan Muhammad Professor
Dr. Arshia Munir Professor
Dr. Syed Kaleem Ur Rehman Assistant Professor
Dr. Shazia Bahar Assistant Professor



Children B ward
Name Designation
Dr. Sabir Khan Professor
Dr. Zia Muhammad Associate Professor
Dr. Abdul Khaliq Associate Professor
Dr. Sabahat Amir Chairperson


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  • Ongoing Research Projects in our Department:
    • Etiology of bacterial meningitis and spectrum of antibiotic resistance in pediatric age group.
    • Efficacy of Intravenous Immunoglobulin in Rh Incompatible Neonates.
    • Bacteriological Profile and Response to Antibiotics in Paediatric Para-pneumonic Effusion.
    • Efficacy of inhalational steroids in meconium aspiration syndrome.
    • Frequency of positive C-Reactive protein in patients with septic meningitis.
  • Activities Conducted in the Department:
  1. Clinico-pathalogical Conference
  2. Long cases
  3. Short cases
  4. Journal Clubs
  5. Mortality Meetings