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Department of Radiology

Department at a glance:

We have ongoing facilities in various aspects such as modern ultrasound machines with high resolution as well as TVS facility. Digital X-ray machines and mammography adds additional advantage to the upbringing diagnostic efficacy CT scan and MRI adds expertise in the radiological diagnosis for the patient’s advantage and prompt treatment.


Chairman Message.

Work hard and struggle for improving and achieving the future goals.


Our vision is to endeavors new technology for the betterment of patient as well as to cope with the modern radiology era.

Activities Conducting in Department

Activities Conduct in the Department.

  • Weekly tutorial sessions by consultants.
  • Daily presentations in the various aspects of radiology by TMO’s.
  • Training and modular grooming of students in various respective fields.
Dr. Hina Gul

Chairperson | MBBS, FCPS (Diagnostic Radiology), [email protected]

Dr. Kalsoom Nawab

Associate Professor | MBBS, FCPS (Diagnostic Radiology), [email protected]

Dr. Mehmood Akhtar Khattak

Assistant Professor| MBBS, FCPS (Diagnostic Radiology), [email protected]

Dr. Humaira Anjum

Assistant Professor| MBBS, FCPS (Diagnostic Radiology), [email protected]