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Virtues of Excellence in Patient care

Date: 13/09/2023


Dr. Waqar ul Hassan

O.C | PAF Hospital Lahore

Principal incharge:

Inam ul Haq

Final Year | KMC

Sectory incharge

Ubaid Ullah

Final Year | KMC

Information Sectory

Areeba hafeez

3rd Year| KMC

Event Report:

The Emergency Medicine Workshop was an action-packed event that brought together aspiring medical students eager to enhance their skills in handling critical situations. The workshop featured different stations, each presenting unique scenarios to challenge and educate participants.

At each station, students were confronted with realistic patient conditions. They were then asked to think on their feet and articulate their approach to handling these cases. The interactive nature of the workshop allowed participants to engage in problem-solving and decision-making actively.

From cardiac emergencies to trauma cases, the scenarios covered a wide range of medical conditions. Students demonstrated their knowledge and critical thinking abilities as they discussed appropriate diagnostic tests, treatment plans, and patient management strategies.

The workshop fostered a collaborative environment, encouraging participants to exchange ideas and learn from one another. It was inspiring to witness the passion and dedication of these future medical professionals as they shared their insights and perspectives.

The event not only provided valuable hands-on experience but also served as a platform for networking and mentorship. Seasoned professionals in the field of emergency medicine were present to guide and support the students, offering valuable advice and sharing their own experiences.

Overall, the Emergency Medicine Workshop was a resounding success. It empowered participants with the skills and confidence needed to tackle real-life emergencies. The combination of interactive scenarios, collaborative learning, and expert guidance made this workshop an invaluable learning experience for all involved.

We look forward to future workshops that continue to inspire and shape the next generation of medical heroes