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Who We Are

KMC hiking club is a recreational club providing opportunity and encouragement for the students of Khyber Medical College Peshawar to explore and discover the natural beauty of Pakistan and share the personal enjoyment of hiking.

Dadrelli Trek

Dadrelli Trek

Dadrelli Trek

Burji La Trek

Burji La Trek

Burji La Trek

what we do?

Thrill of adventure and love of nature always push to explore remote and far flung areas and to find new destinations. Every year Kmc hiking club with the help and determination of its hardworking cabinet members arranges trek expeditions all over Pakistan for both boys and girls of KMC. We provide them with all the necessary equipment for the trek including  rucksacks, sleeping bags, kitchen utensils and almost everything to make this experience the best ever.

Each expedition is accompanied by a well-trained guide and at least 2 or 3 medical doctors with first aid equipment for any unwanted accident or emergency.

During our expedition we try our best to entertain our crew with so many fun activities including roasted lamb, bonfire, trout fishing, futsal, cricket, fun marathon, and so many exciting adventurous experiences you will ever have in your lives from road dirt to green pastures, lush valleys and sky high snow-capped mountains.

Places we have explored!

We explore the spectacular beauty of northern areas of Pakistan.

  • Siri Paye expedition (1998)
  • Fairy Meadows (1999,2000,2018)
  • Ratti Gali pass (1999)
  • Upper Kaghan Lake (2000,2009)
  • Mahnoor pass (2000)
  • Nanga Parbat base camp (2000,2006,2009,2010,2011,2018)
  • Musa ka musalla (2000,2001)
  • K-2 Base camp (2002,2008,2016)
  • Wakhan Pamir trek (2003)
  • Galiat Expedition (2003)
  • Broghal Qromber (2004)
  • Dadrilli Pass (2005,2018)
  • Naltar Pakora Pass (2005)
  • Asumbar Pass (2006)
  • Baltoro Galcier (2006)
  • Dudipatsar Lake (2007,2011,2017)
  • Condol Lake (2007,2015)
  • Upper Dir Valley (2008)
  • Anso lake (2011,2017)
  • Trichmir Basecamp (2012)
  • Darkot pass (2013)
  • Rakaposhi Basecamp (2015)
  • Rush lake (2015)
  • Deosai plains (2016,2017)
  • Burji la pass (2019)
  • Chitta katta (2019)

Our cabinet

  • Patron In Chief

          Prof. Mahmud Aurangzeb

    • Chairman

              Dr. Hakim Khan Afridi

    •  Supervisor Female Hiking Club

             Dr. Fazlina Shaid

    •  Supervisor male Hiking Club

             Mr. Khushal Sardar

    Patron in Chief

    Prof. Mahmud Aurangzeb



    Dr.Hakim Khan Afridi

    “ Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of human spirit”

    General Secretary

    Asif Bashir

    Not all those who wander are lost!”

    Our Team

    Muhammad Saad

    Incharge | Expedition Male

    Fatima Almeen Khan

    Incharge | Expedition Female

    Ali Afzal Muhammad

    Incharge | Photography

    Our History

    KMC Hiking club was established in 1998 by a group of active mountaineers and hikers; students and some teachers of kmc. Dr. Naeem awan (then a student) and Dr. Hamid Ahmad (lecturer Biochemistry) were the main actors. A proposal of formation of a formal group in the form of a club was approved by the principal Prof. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad and Prof. Dr. Jamil Ur Rahman was appointed as its first head. Dr. Naeem Awan was appointed as the first General Secretary of the club.


    Up Coming Events:

    First GS Hiking Club 1998

    Mazeno Pass

    Mazeno Pass

    Mustagh Pass Karakoram

    Mustagh Pass Karakoram

    Karombar Pass

    Dudi Pat sar trek

    Dadrelli Pass 1999

    Dadrelli Pass 1999