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5th All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Contest and Parliamentary Debates 2019

hosted by

 Khyber Medical College

The 5th All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Contest and Parliamentary Debates 2019 was held in the Auditorium and the Community Medicine Department respectively at Khyber Medical College, Peshawar o The first day consisted of an elaborate sequence of events. Hosted by members of the KMC Debates Club; Syed Muttahar Shah and Spoogmai Khattak welcoming all the participants to Khyber Medical College. After that, the house was declared open by the President for the initial qualifying round of the 5th APDC at KMC. After a long session of continuous speeches from 1:00pm to 6:00pm, a total of 4 teams qualified for the finals, along with 4 English and 4 Urdu individual speakers. The participants for Declamation who qualified for the final round are as follows: Teams • University of Karachi – Suleman Asif and Hassan bin Zaki • Ayub Medical College – Khubaib and Huzaifa • King Edwards Medical College – M. Umar and Haseeb • KGMC – Sundas Khan and Sundas Safdar Individual category in English • Fatima Gilani from KGMC • Azhar Bangash from SZABIST Islamabad • Suleman Khan from Ayub Medical College • Bisma Arif from Nowshera Medical College 
 Individual category in Urdu • Armaghan from FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry • Junaid Babar from UVAS, Lahore • Nouman Ali from Gordon College Rawalpindi • Ammar Abbasi from UOK Meanwhile in the Community Medicine Department of Khyber Medical College, an Asian style Parliamentary Debate was in order. 16 teams from all over Pakistan took part, including those from the following institutions; • Khyber Medical College Peshawar • King Edward Medical College Lahore • University of Karachi • Kabir Medical College Peshawar • Pak International Medical College • Peshawar Medical College • Edwards College Peshawar • One World Institute Quetta • Usmania Post Graduate College, Peshawar Two teams of 3 speakers each, debated over the pros and cons of the topic, one played the role of government supporting the topic while the other was opposition, opposing the topic. 8 teams qualified for the quarterfinal round scheduled for the same day. The chief adjudicator’s panel for both the knock out round and quarter finals consisted of : Dr.Moazzam Ahmed, Hurriya Khan, Bakht Danyal Khan, Muhammad, Mr. Afaq, Mr. Khushal Nadir Hadi, Mr. Ahmed Zuhayr Mufti, Mr. Ali Gohar and Mr. Ahmed Omer Ayaz. The teams which qualified for the semifinals belonged to: Edwards College Peshawar King Edward Medical College and 2 teams from University of Karachi. At the end of the first day the host team arranged a graceful formal dinner for the participating teams and individuals to relax and get familiar with each other. The Dean Khyber Medical College, Prof Dr. Noor-ul-Iman honored the gathering by his presence as the chief guest and also welcomed all the participants of 5th APDC and parliamentary debates to KMC, specially praising the spirit of all the out-stationed participants. Which was followed by the announcement of results for initial rounds for both the debates. The dinner was then served. The Second day’s events started at 2:30pm with the commencement of the semifinal round of the Parliamentary Debates in the Anatomy 2 Lecture Theatre and Community Department Conference room. The Semifinal of the Parliamentary Debates was honored by the presence of our Chief Guest Mr. Kamran Bangash (Minister Youth Affairs and IT) right after reception, who was grateful to the organizers for providing such a brilliantly crafted platform to the orators of the nation to express their views. An official opening ceremony of final round of Declamation Contest was hosted by Maham Malik and Danish, the house was then declared open for the final round of the 5th APDC at KMC by the President Debates club Muhammad Kamran Khan at 3pm. After 2 and a half hours of outstanding speeches by the finalists, the final round came to an end. This was followed by the commencement of the final match of Parliamentary Debates in the auditorium between the finalists from King Edward Medical College and University of Karachi. The Adjudication Panel consisted of the most experienced debaters around the town including Dr. Ahmed Zuhyr Mufti, Mr. Ali Gohar and Mr Afaq. The Dean Khyber Medical College then thanked the audience and participants for their presence. The judges then presented their critique followed by few words for organizers and participants from Chief Guest. It was the followed by declaration of the results and award ceremony for the finals of the 5th KMC APDC and Parliamentary Debates by the host team. The winners of the competition are as follows: Team Category (Declamation): – Winning team: Suleman Asif and Hassan bin Zaki from University of Karachi (Winners of Khyber trophy) English individual category: – Winner: Syeda Fatima Gilani from Khyber Girls Medical College – Runner’s up: Suleman Khan from Ayub Medical College Urdu individual category: – Winner: Armaghan from FMH College of Dentistry – Runner’s up: Junaid Babar from UVAS, Lahore Parliamentary Debates : – Winning team: Khizar Hayat, Farrukh Naveed, Armaghan Ayub, Usman Ahmed and Awab Hussain from King Edwards Medical University (winners of Khyber Trophy) – Best Speaker: Usman Mallick from University Of Karachi Shields and trophies were presented to the respective winning teams, chief guests and judges. A cash prize of Rs.40,000 was shared among the winners of the 5th APDC. With a photo-session and thank you note, the 5th KMC APDC and Parliamentary Debates 2019 came to an end. [/learn_more] n the 10th and 11th January, 2019. It was organized by the members of the KMC Debates Club under the leadership of their President Muhammad Kamran Khan, sponsored by Liaison Corporation, Ministry of Youth affairs, and Zong. It was attended by a total of 94 speakers from all over Pakistan, including equal representation from Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well as Baluchistan for both formats of debates. With various institutions vying for the winning team trophy, the event spanned over two days. In case of declamations the Teams comprised of 1 serious and 1 humorous speaker, with one of them speaking in Urdu and the other in English. A few individual speakers who were unable to form a team to compete were also entertained, to add to the competitive nature of the debates. The adjudicators’ panel included some of the best orators of the country, Namely Mr. Saqib Jahan, Mr. Mufti Asad Gul, Mr. Ali Gohar and Mr. Fahad Waseem.